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What is Google AdWords, and How Does it Work?

Google's AdWords Program is the most widely used and best performing PPC (pay-per-click) service on the internet.

Separate from Google's 'organic' or 'natural' search engine rankings are Google's sponsored ads which appear on top of and to the right of Google's search results

Google AdWords is a 24/7/365 online ad auction.

Advertisers bid on keywords that will trigger the ads they have written for their products or services.

Google gives preference NOT to the highest bidder, but to the most relevant ads for each keyword, using what they call the "Google Quality Score".

Ad placements are determined by multiplying the quality score of the ad, by its bid amount.
A high Google Quality Score can place your ad above the competition, often at a CHEAPER price than the highest bidder.

AdWords Advance uses proven industry techniques to ensure that your ads maintain high Quality Scores in the eyes of Google.